Thursday, August 26, 2010

Falling in Love is.....

  1. Knowing which battles to pick with your partner.
    How to know if he's in love with you?  When he answers the call to solve the probem...any problem...and does so with respect, patience, humility, and warmth, I think it's a  good sign. The Polar Bear really stepped up this week when I was going jaCrazy on some thing stupid.
  2. Dressing for him in the morning, even when you know you can't see him.
      How to know if he's in love with you? If, on the phone, he asks you what you wore.He does this every once in a while, and it makes me feel so lovely!

  3. Smiling when he crosses your mind.
    How to know if he's in love with you? If he smiles as soon as you see each other. It's especially nice cuz I always get a really wide smile.
  4. Looking after his affairs with as much detail as you do your own. 
    How to know if he's in love with you? If, in his own subtle way, he does the same.
      He meets the unexpected needs, and that's always a gentle reassurance.

  5. Taking him to New York City to meet your friends. 
    How to know if he's in love with you? He takes you to Virginia, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina so he can also meet your family.  That requires a lot.


  1. Very good list you have compiled and I noticed a trend in every single point you made...I believe love boils down to having a mutual respect for each other :) The fact that he gives you the same amount of love that you lavish upon him (if not more!) is such a strong sign that he loves you! You are so fortunate for having a relationship such as this because too often I am seeing the type of relationship that Jazmine Sullivan sings about in her song "Holdin' You Down (Going In Circles)"....the fact that both me and half of my friends could even RELATE to such a song is proof enough that we haven't been with the right people at ALL's a shame. In the situations me & my friends were in, our relationships start off well but then after a while the romance fizzles out and the love and care that is displayed by the female isn't reciprocated by the male (HUGE RED FLAG). So thank you for telling the world how a proper, healthy relationship is supposed to look like, I am going to look out for these clues in the next person I am involved with :)

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  2. oh, this is sweet...and hard to read if your guy isn't doing these cool post