Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Man List

A few months ago, my girls came over for one of our weekly potlucks, and the topic of men, boyfriends, ALL came up!  A powerful chica in the crew threw out the idea of the MAN LIST, which a few of the other girls had created and edit when needed. 

This is a great chance to figure out what's important to me in terms of a relationship.  For so long, I had been caught up in championship men that looked great on paper, but did less than the very best in the actual relationship (actually, quite sub-par).

So right then and there, we made my man list....what I wish for in a guy.  It's not in concrete, and as I grow, so, hopefully, will the list!
  1. Intellectually stimulating
  2. good foundation
  3. stable
  4. family oriented
  5. Christian
  6. caring
  7. proud of me
  8. adventurous
  9. provider
  10. protector
  11. a good man
  12. ambitious
  13. a good sense of the human spirit (knows how to treat people)
  14. knows what the right thing to do is
  15. proactive
  16. passionate about life
  17. courageous
  18. curious
  19. open-minded
  20. healthy
  21. athletic

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