Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Chasing love....even if it lands me in Canada

The exchange rate of living in Canada just went up. Way up.
Emotions are at peak value these days :)
Continuing the saga (and joy!) of cross-border love,

Here's my short story....or novella, as it may turn out....

I chatted a short while ago about how I met the Polar Bear online.
It was a GREAT introduction (click here for the background),
and we totally hit it off...and been going strong ever since.
Best thing since blueberry muffins (which I absolutely LOVE!)

Then....some news.....
He had been on the job hunt for a while, months, actually
had some successes, but nothing really GREAT panned out...
until he had an interview last Tuesday (a week ago, can u believe it?!!?!?)
in Toronto

And on Wednesday, he got the job offer.
This was fantastic, deliciously sweet music!

Until I heard that there was one stipulation.
He had to start immediately.
On Wednesday, I bawled, brawled, and cried till I was sore
(all over pizza and pinot grigio).
On Thursday, I pulled it together
and started the Exel sheet listing all the stuff to get done before his move.
(Such an A-type, right?!!?!?)
On Friday, I rolled over the big suitcase.
On Saturday, we took pictures of his house to post online
(hope he gets some tenants soon!!!)
On Sunday, we had a beautiful breakfast and planned the rest of our weekends.

I'm not the biggest fan of long distance relationships.
Too lonely.
Too expensive.
Too worrisome.
But love's not easy - if it were, everyone would have it, right?

So, for now, he rests his head in Toronto,
but, more importantly,
he rests his heart with me.
And that's alright.

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  1. =0) Very sweet! "But love's not easy - if it were, everyone would have it, right?" <-love this line.